Asad Liaqat

I am a Research Scientist at Meta where I conduct economics research to answer strategic questions related to the digital economy, small businesses, advertising, and related topics. See here for a recent example of the kind of work I do at Meta. 

I use a combination of randomized experiments, observational methods for causal inference, and surveys in my research. 

My work has appeared in academic journals such as the American Political Science Review and PS: Political Science and Politics, as well as popular publications including the Washington Post and Dawn Pakistan. 

I also host a podcast called "Unpacking Us". The first season focused on issues related to the Pakistani economy, politics, and society. The second (ongoing) season focuses on technology in the developing world more broadly.

I hold a PhD in Public Policy from Harvard University and a BA in Political Economy & Philosophy from Williams College. 

You can contact me at asadliaqat [at] gmail [dot] com